Thank you!

Dear friends and colleagues,


let me to thank you for coming to Brno and making Cyberspace again an extraordinarily valuable and pleasant event.


We have set up a feedback form where you can tell us your opinion about the organization, programme, venue etc. – the conference team would highly appreciate if you find approx. 5 min. to let us know what you think and eventually how to make Cyberspace even better. The feedback form is on google here:


Both journals associated with the conference now accept submissions of your papers for review and publication - please, see the following websites for further instructions:


Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology (on-line and print):


Submission of papers:


Journal Cyberpsychology (on-line)


Submission by e-mail to


I really enjoyed seeing you all and I hope we meet (at the latest) again Brno next year.


Best wishes


Radim Polcak

Published: 03. 12. 2013
Author: Radim Polčák